Child Custody – Is One’s Mental / Emotional Stability a Factor?

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Below is a question that we recently received from a client and Attorney MacLeod’s response: (The Client’s question is in italics) What evidence will be best to hold up in court to get full custody? My boyfriend and I have a 10 month old son. We don’t live together anymore. We have filed papers for […]

What is a Chapter 7 Bankrutpcy?

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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy filing for individuals. There are no repayment plans or a reorganization of debts in a Chapter 7 filing. In fact,  you will receive a discharge in approximately 4 – 5 months after the filing of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed and will be able to […]

A Solution for the Unexpected

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Life is full of plans. We make plans for the weekends, professional and family goals, we even plan out our daily routine. But, we constantly are reminded that no matter how carefully you plotted your plans and goals or the steps you took to secure a the stability that your family needs there is often […]

The Taxman Can Make Mistakes

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The interesting thing about the IRS is that they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Unfortunately, that gorilla sometimes beats his chest and you have to pay attention to him. Recently, I had a client (let’s call him Paul) who received notices from the IRS in which they alleged he owed approximately $208,000 […]