Child Custody – Is One’s Mental / Emotional Stability a Factor?

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Below is a question that we recently received from a client and Attorney MacLeod’s response: (The Client’s question is in italics)

What evidence will be best to hold up in court to get full custody? My boyfriend and I have a 10 month old son. We don’t live together anymore. We have filed papers for custody but have not been to court yet. I feel he is not stable to raise our son. His emotional stability has been on both ends of the scale from…

Thanks. Really appreciate your question. Not easy to ask during the holiday season but if you could help us out a bit; what do you mean “We have filed papers for custody…?” Specifically, what papers did you file? Did you file a petition for parenting time, legal decision making and / or child support?

You probably want to file for ALL of these, given what you noted above. Drug use is a big no-no in the court’s eyes, and your partner’s psychological / emotional issues could also be a concern.

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